Mini Assignment #2 |

Today, we have The Hulk as our guest speaker.

I have been travelling across North America with my fellow comrades and we were on an adventure to find the best foods in the city. The other day I stopped by Vancouver and I was fortunate enough to meet Helen, the owner of “helengoeswhere”. She showed us all the greatest restaurants to eat in Vancouver, from Japanese to seafood to even northwest cuisine! Man, salmon oshi is so good… I never want to leave Vancouver but I have to say, nothing beats a nice big bowl of ramen when it’s raining outside, and Vancouver rains a lot. The staff was nice enough to serve me the whole pot! Everyone is so nice and accommodating here.

There were so many places to eat here and boy, let me tell ya, I ate up the whole restaurant! I don’t think the people here have ever seen a hungry hulk… anyways, after our huge meal, she took us to these gorgeous places! We went on a hike to St. Mark’s Summit and whew, what a trail! Did I ever mentioned I am quite the size and that trail was definitely too small for me.. I had to squeeze by everyone and I even had to lift people over me, but I think they enjoyed it. The view was so amazing, I couldn’t even comprehend the sights I saw. It was kind of scary because we were so high but the Hulk isn’t afraid of anything! After we returned down, she took us to eat again!

We had a whole week here so she took us to a couple places but she told me not to say anything because she doesn’t want to spoil it for you guys! But seriously, check her blog out if you want to try some new places and delicious food! Many thanks to Helen for showing me around and being so friendly. I will definitely come again for my next vacation. Now it’s time for me to fight crime, see ya!

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