Restaurant Yugo

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Restaurant Yugo is located on Main Street, serving up a fusion of Japanese and French Cuisine. The interior is absolutely beautiful, with tables that seat small to large groups. The restaurant is dimly lit, creating a wonderful and intimate ambience and the mixture of brick, wood and grey detailing makes the space so much more spacious and comfortable. The bar is beautifully made, with a clean concept and even bar seats are available. We came for their dinner menu and was immediately seated on a Sunday evening.

Ika Karaage

To start off with appetizers, we got the Mongo Ika Karaage, a chef’s favourite, which is a panko cuttlefish served with truffle mayo at $10 was the most delicious ika karaage I’ve ever had. It was delicately dipped in the panko and the bite-size pieces make it such delicacy to eat. The truffle mayo was amazing, it added a nice, strong flavour to the cuttlefish.

Then from the sushi bar, we got the Salmon Aburi Oshi, which has jalapeno and yugo sauce. The Salmon Oshi was $15, a little pricier than places like Green Leaf, but I really enjoyed the taste. It wasn’t as oily other places that serve this dish, so eating it was much easier because it didn’t fall apart as easily. We also got the Yugo Roll, $14, which is a roll with caramelized onions, cheese tempura, avocado, kimchi mayo, beef tataki and garlic chips on top. This roll was an explosion of tastes and it was so appetizing, as the flavour was very different from your regular rolls. The presentation of these two rolls was very attractive, making the dish even more wonderful than it tasted.

Finally, from the kitchen bar, we got the Pasta, at $18, a demi-glaze with mushrooms, Parmigiano-Reggiano, arugula with home-made fazzoletti. This dish was also beautifully presented, and it was bursting with flavour. The demi-glace sauce was very rich and the fazzoletti pasta had a perfect texture, making the dish a savoury favourite.

The service is amazing, they accommodate to your needs and they’re very kind and sweet. They are quick to notice things and you will be very satisfied with the service here. Overall, this place blew my expectations as I came in just looking for a regular experience but the interior, space, food, and service was spectacular. I would definitely come back to try more dishes and even their lunch menu. Check out their website here.

Address: 4265 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Cuisine: French – Japanese Fusion

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