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Peer Review #3 |

I had the opportunity to review Leigh Ghimire’s blog, where she touches on digital landscape, focusing on her photographic work and her take on pertinent issues in the field of visual art such as image ethics, visual literacy, and art history. Upon landing on her page, you are greeted with a quote and you can see some of her projects. As you scroll down you’ll see her about section and you can tell that she orients herself to be very professional, taking her work very seriously. Her blog is catering to the artistic side, showing off clean layouts but capturing the attention of her audience through the use of her images. By having captivating, clear and intriguing images on the front page, it immediately pulls the viewer in, with curiosity on their mind.

Looking through her content, we can use the “radcab” to evaluate. Her content is relevant, always on what she promises to bring to her blog. It is appropriate, with enough detail to each topic she touches, never giving away too much or taking away from the images itself. She is consistent with her weekly posts and she links to all her credits. The content is written to be informative and also cater to the entertainment side. By creating this type of content, I can tell that the intended audience will be those interested in visual arts, photography specific. One that is looking for not just images, but words and issues in the field of visual art.

She gives honest information, whether pertaining to her images or the things she talks about, which allows the reader to trust her words and enjoy her art without any cautiousness about her authenticity or legitimacy.

Overall, Leigh’s blog is aesthetically pleasing to go through, while being able to enjoy her photography but also her written work shows that she is professional, someone who takes their work seriously, but also creative, as she writes on different topics and explores different aspects of visual art. Her audience may be people who enjoy the little pieces of artworks that people offer, looking for inspiration and being a supportive viewer. In all, Leigh has the potential to gain possibly a more stable audience once she posts more of her own work, as some sections are under construction. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through her blog, reading all her posts and viewing the gorgeous portrait images she has taken and edited. It has been a pleasure reviewing Leigh’s blog, check it out here.

Leigh’s Blog:

2 thoughts on “Messy Musings

  1. Hey Helen! Thank you so much for this overly kind review. I apologize for the delay when uploading my feedback for you, but it is posted now. If you like, it may be another resource you can incorporate to your great final essay––especially as relating to these points:

    – moving towards including yourself within the site (heck yes, you should)

    – providing clear and consistent content

    – affirming that you’ve done a good job to make your photos pop (it’s so difficult to do and because we both study visual design, I understand why you’re overly critical even though you shouldn’t be!)

    Hope that helps! I definitely want to visit Chambar now, all because of you.

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