Marutama Gaiden

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Shoyu Zenbu Ramen $17 [ extra chashu, egg, seaweed ]
Shoyu Ramen $10.75 + soft boiled egg $1.75 [ bonito flavor in signature chicken soup, comes with 2 slices of pork belly chashu ]
Deep Fried Pork Gyoza $5.50 [ 5 pieces ]

Located on Main Street, this location is their newest addition for Marutama Gaiden. I’ve heard some mix reviews about this place but after coming back for the third time, I’ve had no problems or complaints.  

I got the Shoyu Ramen and I really like the noodles here because they’re on the thicker side, giving them a good chew. The broth was also not too oily and the chashu is well done. My boyfriend has quite the appetite so he ordered the bigger version of my bowl, the Shoyu Zenbu which has extra chashu slices, seaweed and two eggs. He was quite stuffed to say the least.

Deep fried Home Made Gyoza

We also got the deep fried gyoza, but next time I think I’d go for the pan fried ones. Overall, we both enjoyed the meal and the service was quick and friendly.

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