My first ever Dine Out Vancouver experience was with Gyoza Bar! This contemporary, ambient and cozy restaurant serves up Japanese dumplings, tapas & ramen dishes, with beer, wine & sake. We went on a Wednesday and it was quite packed, with a lot of the customers trying out their Dine Out Menu.


Sweet Soy Glazed Beef Gyoza

For appetizers, we got the Fraser Pork Teppan Gyoza [ 5 pieces ] served with umami soy sauce and spicy miso and the Sweet Soy Glazed Beef Gyoza kale-quinoa salad [ 4 pieces ], with white balsamic vinaigrette and gochujang. The Pork Gyoza were more on the pan-fried, steamed side while the Beef Gyoza were crisper and more fried. Both were delicious, but I preferred the pork ones more.

Main Entrees

We both ordered the bao boards, the dine out menu consisting of two different options. We got the  Miyazaki Chicken Nanban Bao Board with Kombu Butter Poached Half Lobster Tail, which came with their house-made tartar sauce, Asian slaw, herb dijon mustard and market lettuce and the Miso Baked Scallop Bao Board with Kombu Butter Poached Half Lobster Tail which came with spicy miso, house pickled cucumber, fresh citrus, and market lettuce. Now, this was my first time ever having a bao board and my expectations were out of this world! The bao bun was so soft, I think I could’ve eaten like 10 just by itself and the chicken was so flavourful, the touch of tartar sauce was perfect. The scallop bao board was more on the mild side, but still as delicious. All the ingredients together in the bao bun was the perfect ratio, combination, and taste! I also enjoyed just putting together the bun, and we ended up having leftover chicken and scallop that didn’t fit in with the bun so we ate that by itself, which was still tasty.


There was only one option for dessert, which was the Rice Pudding with Mango Sorbet, with some fresh fruit macedonia, candied cashew, basil. Now, this was something I’ve never tried before. I don’t usually prefer rice pudding but nonetheless, I still wanted to try this combination. The presentation itself was very nice, but the taste was a bit odd for me. Personally, I did not care for it much but the touch of mango sorbet was good and a nice end to the meal.

Rice Pudding with Mango Sorbet

Overall, I highly recommend the bao boards at Gyoza Bar. I’ve always wanted to try them and Dine Out Vancouver gave me the chance to try a bit of their menu so I’m definitely glad I got the time and chance to do so! The service was quick, friendly and efficient, the atmosphere was cozy, comfortable and warm and the food was mouthwatering.

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