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Green Leaf Platter $21 [ appetizer tuna and salmon sashimi 6pc, daily Aburi Oshi Sushi 6pc, Snapper Tempura 3pc & Miso Soup ]
Salmon Oshi Roll $12 [ Sockeye Salmon, Oshi sauce,  jalapeno ]

One of my all-time favorite sushi places is Green Leaf Cafe, located on West Broadway. This small shop is a hidden gem in the Kitsilano area and it offers a cozy and casual meal. The atmosphere of the restaurant is laid back and comfortable, almost like an at – home feeling. When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by super friendly and nice staff and they make your stay that more enjoyable. I advise going during non – peak times because I went on a Friday night and had to wait almost 45 minutes for just two people – but I still think it’s worth the wait. Even so, they take down your name and number and they call you when your table is ready so you can take a walk around the block or wait in your car.

Featured here is the Green Leaf Platter, Salmon Oshi Roll, and Dynamite Roll ( not pictured above ). Green Leaf Sushi is known for their Aburi Sushi and they’re a cheaper alternative to other places like Miku and Minami Restaurant, but in my opinion, just as good. The Green Leaf Platter was the perfect amount for two people, and it offered a nice variety of different items for a reasonable price. I recommend this platter if you’re unsure what to get because it does come with the Daily Oshi Roll. The tuna and salmon sashimi was very smooth and rich and the snapper tempura is super flavourful because of the sauce. The Salmon Oshi Roll melts in your mouth and the jalapeno gives it the perfect kick, making it a favourite among many. I highly recommend trying out the Aburi rolls here because they’re affordable and very appetizing. It continues to be an all-time favourite of mine and I frequent this location very often.

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