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Your digital breadcrumb can say a lot about who you are – or who you’re not. It applies to all of us, and what happens in a digital day can be traced back to us which says something about us and the story everyone else may be creating about you. It’s from the photo you posted from breakfast, or a blog post you wrote, maybe it’s the tweet you favourited or shared, or how quickly you reply to an email. You access an app and it asks you for your “location”. You agree because it’s easier than turning it on and off in your settings all the time. You use Google Maps to find the closest coffee shop or nearest park. You allow your locations services on to find the nearest ATM, or when you’re using the transit app. A majority of our applications we use require our location information. Like in Suzanne Norman’s experience in the Amazon Store, it’s very hard not leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs. They have store wifi, online price checkers, and some stores only accept debit and credit cards. Sometimes it’s not about NOT wanting to leave a digital trail but having the choice to leave one or not. You look up the “Alexa” on your phone and the next thing you know, your Instagram shows you the latest model in your feed. But it can be a powerful tool for building an audience. For content creators, knowing how your readers interact and behave on your website can help develop content, post at the right time, and create appropriate marketing strategies. However, it can be troublesome for the reader or user to be leaving footprints and providing data wherever they go. Being protected on the internet is a weird case, you’re behind a screen, probably in the comfort of your own location but you are also exposed, whether you are trying to leave the most minimal trace or you are unaware or indifferent to the case.

Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally when you use a mobile phone but also when you use a computer, or when you use really any kind of technology that has a chip in it. Data is constantly being shared, stored and received. If you are even connected to the internet, you are leaving a trail. You can, however, minimize the trail you leave depending on your preference, but remember, there is always someone creating a story around what your breadcrumb shows and what it doesn’t.

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