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I think one of the best ways to learn is to learn through someone else’s perspective. Giving advice and feedback greatly helps the person being reviewed and the reviewer themselves. This is true because by giving feedback, you are also learning through some other content, and may see things in a different way. It was a pleasure being Maggie Su’s peer review partner, as we both have very different blog styles, topics and content which opened up some new perspectives and reflection. Reviewing her blog also helped me have a different outlook as different content conveys different design choices.

One of the suggestions I received was to add sub-categories, like under my Food Category, I would have Japanese, Chinese or Western style. She even suggested that I could use tags on the sidebar instead if I didn’t want to create so many subcategories. I believe this is a wonderful idea, instead of having a viewer scroll through countless posts, they can choose a cuisine they want to explore quickly and efficiently. I didn’t think about this feature because I am the one that already knows and enjoys the cuisine I am posting but didn’t realize that my viewers may have a preference in cuisine. I will implement the subcategories but I think I’ll keep it broader, using the type of cuisine rather than its own subcategory, like Asian and Western instead of naming five different Asian cuisines. I will also organize my tags on the sidebar, once I have more variety of food on my blog to allow easier selection for my readers. I will also think about what Mauve Page mentioned during our lecture and continue to learn how to design efficiently to grow my platform.  This will allow me to expand the ways viewers will interact with my blog and I am continually looking to grow my blog and share content that people want to read.

This peer review was very beneficial as it gives you new suggestions and opens your eyes to things you didn’t think of before. A blog is designed to cater to different audiences and there are different tools and tricks you can use to maximize the efficiency of your blog. Thank you, Maggie, for giving my blog a thorough and thoughtful review, I am grateful for your time and consideration.

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