Brunch At Chambar

Vancouver is home to amazing food and restaurants – but one that definitely stands out is Chambar. I consider this place a must to eat at, whether you are a local or you’re visiting here for the first time. A couple of years ago, Chambar opened its doors to a new, renovated location at 568 Beatty Street, just a couple fronts down from their previous location. This new place hosts more than you can imagine, with a clean, modern layout, emphasizing the restaurant’s warmth and characteristics – from high ceilings, brick walls, bar seats, fixtures, a downstairs and a patio, they surely don’t disappoint in the ambience category. Chambar is constantly brimming with people wanting to try their Belgian Theme and North American influences, so wait times can be quite fearful, so I highly suggest making reservations whether it be for brunch on the weekends or lunch and dinner during the week. Today, I will be talking about their brunch, which is served from 8 AM – 3 PM on weekends and holidays.

We started off with getting the waffles at $3.50 per each, with a variety of toppings offered. We opted for the Mix Berry Compote for another $1. The waffle was fluffy and chewy, with a nice touch of sweetness to it. I don’t handle sour well and I tend to stay away from jams but the Mix Berry Compote was the most delicious jam I’ve ever had. It was light, fresh, and sweet, but not processed tasting and dense. It was delightful on the waffles and I would order them again next time, trying another of the many toppings they offer. Then we got the Fried Spice Potatoes to share at $7; they were very soft and flavourful.

The Paella is a customer favourite, and for a good reason. Priced at $18, it is served in a cast-iron pan and includes a fried egg, curried orzo ( almost like grain like pasta ), hot Spanish chorizo, charred tomato salsa, cucumber and cilantro. All of these together created an incredible taste and it wasn’t too heavy. You could also add half an avocado for $4 if you wished to. This dish was definitely a good choice to order for a first-timer because you get a combination of flavours in one dish.

Lastly, we had the Burger du Chasseur, which is a venison burger with caved aged gruyere ( cheese ), red wine and black pepper jam, mushroom ragout and roasted yams on the side. It was served on a delicious brioche bun and the burger itself was moist and flavourful. Priced at $21, it was a moist, mouth-watering burger that would please many cravings and spark new flavours.

Chambar is home to excellent food, the service is courteous and attentive and the price points, presentation and atmosphere don’t disappoint. This isn’t the last time you’ll hear about Chambar, as I will definitely be putting Chambar back in the spotlight to talk about their dinner menu – stay tuned.

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