Process Post #6 | Nancy Fraser’s Rethinking the Public Sphere, talks about Habermas idea, that the Public Sphere is “that of a body of “private persons” assembled to discuss matters of “public concern” or “common interest” (Fraser, 1990, pg 3). In Michael Warner’s book, Public and Counterpublics, he talks about “The Public” and “A Public”….Continue Reading “Public Sphere”

Process Post #5 | Without a doubt, there have been many changes to the world of design. There have been changes to content in journalism, publishing and online editorial work. But as Erin Kissane says, an editor for Contents Magazine, “unless you’re actually working in a particular specialization, even major shapeshifting can sneak unnoticed –…Continue Reading “Digital Media”

Process Prompt Post #3 | In John Suler’s article “The Online Disinhibition Effect”, it explores six factors that interact with each other in creating the online disinhibition effect: dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection, dissociative imagination and minimizing authority. I have encountered many people that show these strong factors but when I consider my own…Continue Reading “Online Disinhibition and Attention”