Process Post #11 | Popular Science announced they would banish comments from being allowed on their side. The editors argued that the “internet comments, particularly anonymous ones, undermine the integrity of science and lead to a culture of aggression and mockery that hinders substantive discourse.” Sometimes, these comments can have enough power to skew a…Continue Reading “The Culture of Harmful Comments”

Process Post #10 | As told by Henry Jenkins, “transmedia storytelling is a process. Elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience.” It represents a process where integral elements of fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple channels for the purpose of creating a unified entertainment…Continue Reading “Transmedia Storytelling”

Process Post #8 | Remixing is a “piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item”. The remix culture is where creativity, collaboration, and technology intersect and has become a global phenomenon. Some of the most famous pieces of some remix are of Shepard…Continue Reading “Remix It”