Blue Martini Cafe & Jazz

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This little gem opened in 2016 and is located right across Kitsilano Beach, offering live music performances throughout the week with delicious food, superb service and a cool ambience.

My partner and I had a nice anniversary date here and it did not disappoint. We chose a reservation time 30 minutes before the live performance so we could settle in and decide on the menu together. The club itself has a nice layout, with tables closer to the stage and tables a bit farther, if you only want to hear it in the background and there is also a bar along the side. We ended up choosing a seat right near the front of the stage.

Blue Martini brings jazz night to Vancouver, offering an excellent line up of musicians. Their dinner menu is inspired by their sister restaurant, Francesco’s Ristorante Italia located on Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver. They also have a huge variety of wines, martinis, cocktails and many more.

To start off, we chose the Mussels Congaise, a delicious appetizer that had mussels, tomato, coconut cream, lime and cilantro. The lime complemented the mussels and added a nice flavour to the soup.

Then I had the Pesto Linguine and Chicken. It consisted of chicken breast, pine nuts and rich basil. My partner had the Gorgonzola Filet Mignon, a dish composed of buttered mash potatoes and vegetables. Both dishes were very filling and hearty, satisfying our taste buds well.

We also tried out their Sangria, which you can get either with red or white wine, then peach liqueur, brandy and juice. It was very fresh and light, it complemented our dishes well. They definitely have impressive liquor collection so you should definitely check out some of their drinks.

We chose this specific date because Dave Say was performing this day; a well-known saxophonist. Like I mentioned earlier, we ended up choosing a table right near the stage so we could have the whole experience of watching a live performance while dining. The music was spectacular, it was a first time experience that did not disappoint. I was captured by their energy and love for their music. It was an amazing performance, to say the least. The music does get quite loud sitting so near the front but it is what you would expect watching a live performance up close. I definitely recommend trying to sit up close to the stage to hear the amazing music these talented musicians play.

Note, there is an $8 entertainment service fee per person when watching a live performance ( I believe on Friday’s and Saturday’s ) but in my opinion, it is worth it for the experience you are getting. Or you can choose to dine with their set menu, ~$49 approximately per person that includes the entertainment fee. We decided on paying the $8 and choosing from their regular menu.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and Vancouver delivers some amazing Jazz music to the audience. I would definitely come again and enjoy another night here.

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